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"Rise and Plant" Central District

Join us as we “Rise and Plant” churches in neighborhoods that have never been reached with the Good News.

Rise and Plant is the heart of Church Planting in the Central District. We are not just commissioned by Jesus, but compelled by love for the lost.

We are prepared to help you take the next step in planting a healthy and vibrant church by providing training, mentorship and resources. Do you feel called to Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, Montana or Idaho? Do you feel God calling you to plant a church in English or Spanish across these 6 states? Get in touch:


Central District church planting Reps

Janie Wead Mobley

Director of Church Planting Central District AG. Janie began church planting in Barcelona, Spain as a foreign missionary of the Assemblies of God. Years later planted churches in the State of Arkansas. Today she works in Colorado with the Church Planting Department of the Central District planting new churches on Colorado's "Front Range." Church planting will extend to all 6 Western States: Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho & Colorado. Janie serves as a U.S. missionary of the Assemblies of God. 630.487.6663 | [email protected]

Pastor Diego Castaño

Church Planter and Pastor in Southern Colorado. Diego is passionate about planting churches with strong discipleship programs that will produce more planters and pastors. 719-822-1350 | [email protected]

Pastor Horacio Lopez

Pastor Horacio and his wife Angie planted Centro Familiar Cristiano in Aurora, CO. Pastor Horacio is committed to planting new churches in the Central District.

Carmen Manriquez

Called to ministry at the age of 19, Carmen began preaching in the streets and working with kids. She and her husband planted Ministerio Lirio de los Valles in Albuquerque, NM.

Pastor Oscar Guerrero

Pastor Oscar has planted churches in Dumas and Warren Arkansas and Fredonia Iowa.

Church Statistics

U.S. Church Attendance AG

In the assemblies of God USA, 14% of churches are in communities with fewer than 1,000 residents;33% are in towns with populations under 5,000; and nearly half (46%) are in towns with populations under 10,000.

5,443 churches report less than 50 people in attendance.

8,766 churches report less than 100 people in attendance.

10,990 churches report less than 200 people in attendance.

12,101 churches report less than 400 people in attendance.

12,743 churches report less than 1,000 people in attendance.

261 churches report more than 1,000 people in attendance.

101 churches report more than 2,000 people in attendance.

*Taken from Church transformation initiative Data Report 2017.

Central District Church attendance

We have 122 churches across Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho & Colorado.

These 122 churches have an attendance of 9,378 people.

Central District States Population

Colorado Population: 5.6 million

Utah Population: 3.1 million

New Mexico Population: 2.1 million

Idaho Population: 1.75 million

Montana Population: 1 million

Wyoming Population: 577,737

*Source United States Census Bureau

Impact of Central District churches

Total Population of all 6 Central District States is 14,127,737 people.

Total people in attendance in Central District Churches in all 6 states 9,378.

Total amount of the population impacted by the gospel in the Central District State churches: .00066%. Less than 1%.

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